Payment Gateway

PCI stands for "Payment Card Industry". Visa and MasterCard developed a comprehensive set of PCI data security standards that govern how payment data must be transacted over the Internet and stored within databases in order to be considered safe from hackers and thieves.

All sites hosted by MultiSoft are scanned quarterly by an independent auditor for security weaknesses in order to ensure that our client's payment data is protected.

Whether you choose to use MarketPowerPRO or another application altogether, we implore you to select one that takes PCI seriously you do not want to work hard to build a business only to have its pocket picked and reputation destroyed by cyber thieves.

Credit Card Payment Gateways

Online Bill Payment Services. Also called electronic bill payment, these companies help you pay off your credit card bills on time.

MarketPowerPRO is pre-enabled with 70+ Credit Card Payment Gateways.

E-Wallet Integration

Having difficulty obtaining a merchant account? Want to offer special instant bonuses, a rewards program or the ability for your distributors to purchase products with their commissions? MultiSoft has created its own private eWallet solution that can be run as a stand-alone application or integrated right into your MarketPowerPRO system.

Commission Payment Methods

With MarketPowerPRO you can create your own commission payment methods and allow distributors to select a commission payment method at the time of enrollment.

Credit Cards Accepted

You, the merchant: To accept credit card payments, you need to partner with a merchant bank (sometimes called an acquirer) who accepts payments on your behalf and deposits them into a merchant account (not the same as a payment gateway) that they provide. Your customer: For your customer to buy and pay for their order, he or she needs a credit or debit card. The bank that approves your customer for the card (and lends him or her the cash to pay you) is called the issuing bank.