E-pins are produced using MLM software, an application for functioning MLM activities including Signing Up new Associates, Program Upgradation, and Participant Restoration, etc. Infinite MLM Software is equipped with an E-Pin generator that provides E-Pins and helps to process user registration using produced E-pin. An E-pin can be produced instantly by the website admin. Later, the admin will deliver this E-pin to the new or current members via E-mail or by incorporating SMS Gateways. For a user, E-pin provides the key to create new access.

There are several ways in which membership and product payments can be made. But all are not safe and does not provide any security for the transaction and the payment made. But With the help of technology, transactions and payments can be made safer and by the use of E-Pins.E-Pins are also known as Prepaid Vouchers, Prepaid Coupons and Scratch Cards. In today's world, one of the best and the safest way of taking memberships/product payment can be done by using prepaid voucher / E-pin.

For MLM Companies it becomes difficult to collect payments from members from across the country. In order to collect the payments from members across the country, most of the MLM companies in the market have readily accepted this method-the use of E-Pins.

Now-a-days it has become one of the most important methods of transaction, keeping this in mind E-pin Generator software has been designed to secure the transactions. It offers greater flexibility to members & companies for doing transactions on the web at a very low cost.

The company can make an unlimited number of e-pin by using e-pin code generator. This makes the business more versatile. The Organization can make endless number of e-pins. The business/participant has the ability to confirm the pins. E-Pins are Delivered through SMS or Email to the members.

The MLM Software is designed by fulfilling each and every aspect of E-pin management system ensuring 100% flexible user experience.